Bus from Vancouver Airport to Whistler

Save up to $100 per person and 2-4 hours of your time on our Direct Bus from Vancouver Airport to Whistler for $65 round trip and $45 One way.

So Why Go With Us?

After years of requests from our 1,000,000+ customers who have travelled with us, Epic Rides has initiated an affordable, express bus from Vancouver Airport to Whistler hotels and residences. The existing YVR monopoly has led to service that is slow, overpriced and filled with additional hidden fees which lead to prices of over $150 and a 4 hour trip time from Airport to Hotel!  We have eliminated the high prices, the sneaky additional fees and all stops! From our departure point, we are dropping off our first passengers at their hotel or residential address in about 2 hours.

Hotel and Residential Pick Up / Drop Off

Hotels – We drop off and pick up at all hotels, hostels and lodges in Whistler. When you make a booking simply enter the name of your hotel in the required field and we will take care of the rest.

Residential addresses – We drop off as far north as the Chevron in Rainbow. Our buses pull trailers to allow for all your equipment needs, so we must stick to through roads and can’t always get into all residential streets. Please give our office a call with the address you are going to and we will let you know exactly how close we can get.

How 5 Minutes Saves You $100

To avoid the monopoly pricing and hidden fees of our YVR-supported competitor, our pick-up location is at the River Rock Resort. This is an easy and direct 5-minute ride on the airport train which is located a short walk from any arrival terminal at YVR. The train is empty from here so you don’t need to worry about bringing large amounts of luggage.

At YVR  we drop off passengers at both the domestic and international terminals.

YVR only allows one bus company to service the Vancouver airport to Whistler route, and this monopoly has led to high base prices and a ton of hidden and additional fees – ticket change fees, luggage fees, bike fees, ski fees, hotel pick up fees, hotel drop-off fees etc. At Epic Rides, we have eliminated all additional fees – we have one FULLY TRANSPARENT set price of $65 round trip from YVR to Whistler!

Time-Saving – No Extra Stops and No Transfers

Our buses go directly from picking you up just 5 minutes from the Airport to Whistler, and then from Whistler directly to YVR.

We use smaller buses – instead of having large 56 passenger buses on this route.  This means you don’t spend nearly as much time in Whistler waiting to drop off or pick up other passengers at hotels.

Vehicles on This Route

Our primary vehicles for our airport shuttle are shown below. Our goal is an affordable, efficient service. If you want a luxury highway coach we suggest you book our downtown to Whistler bus as we have the newest and most luxurious buses of any bus company serving Whistler.

bus from vancouver airport to whistler

22 Passenger Luxury Bus

vancouver airport to whistler shuttle

24 Passenger Bus



Our Whistler Airport Buses are currently running on the following Daily Schedule:

For January and February the 4:00PM Departure from Whistler on Saturday’s and Sunday’s will be scheduled at 3:00PM. This is to avoid mass congestion in Whistler during this period so we can ensure passengers arrive at YVR as scheduled.

***Buses that leave Whistler on Saturdays and especially Sunday’s at 4PM in January and February have a high probability of hitting traffic jams that can delay you for up to 90 minutes.


Looking for the Downtown Schedule? Click here.

Airport Schedule

Departures from Vancouver

depart time icon

River Rock

depart time icon


depart time icon













Departures from Whistler

depart time icon


depart time icon


depart time icon

River Rock

depart time icon

















Looking for the Downtown Schedule? Click here.

Pickup times from hotels and residential addresses will start 30 minutes prior to departure.

Check your confirmation email for details.


Airport Shuttle

River Rd Pick Up

Getting to our pick up location at the RiverRock Resort approx. 8 mins from YVR Airport
Take the Airport Train (Canada Line) to Bridgeport station   Go the escalators to the street level   Turn right and cross the pedestrian crossing   Go through the twin doors which say RiverRock Casino Resort above them   Continue to follow the signs for the RiverRock Hotel past the elevators   Walk out to the street (River Road)   Look left and you will see an area reserved for bus loading and unloading on the street. This is where our bus will load. This is on the street level, not in the Casino parking lot.

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Is there a shuttle from Vancouver airport to Whistler?

If you’ve been looking for a Vancouver airport to Whistler shuttle service, then look no further than our team here at Epic Rides. We specialize in providing reliable and on-time shuttle bus services for our clients, and all of our shuttle bus services are designed to be as affordable as possible. Check out our YVR to Whistler bus schedule to find the right bus route for your needs!

How much is a bus from Vancouver Airport to Whistler?

If you’ve been looking for transport support between Vancouver Airport and Whistler, then our shuttle bus from Whistler to Vancouver airport (and vice versa) could be the ideal solution. Most transport options cost well over $100 for this journey, but we can offer the same trip for just a $65 round trip. Check out our schedule to find the ideal time for your shuttle from YVR to Whistler today!

How long is the bus ride from Vancouver airport to Whistler?

The time for the bus to Whistler from YVR depends on your chosen shuttle bus company. Indeed, here at Epic Rides, we have made it our mission to provide the most efficient Vancouver Airport to Whistler shuttle services, and we achieve this by always following the most efficient route possible, and running a non-stop service that gets you to your destination in (ideally) 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Start your trip now.

The Epic Rides Express Bus to Whistler is hassle free and affordable. Book your transportation between Vancouver and Whistler online with our easy to use booking engine, or call our office 7 days a week to assist in the booking process.

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Did you know?

EpicRides is the only true direct, non-stop service between Vancouver and Whistler.

EpicRides is a Locally owned and operated company since 2012.

You can take all luggage, skis, bike for free on an EpicRides shuttle.

EpicRides only company that offers an all-inclusive fare, no hidden fees.

Your trip between Vancouver and Whistler is only 1:45 minutes.

EpicRides has the newest luxury shuttles on the Sea to Sky corridor.

EpicRides is paperless, no need to print your ticket to check in.

EpicRides uses Canadian made, non-chemical disinfectants on all our buses.

EpicRides offers a $299 season pass for the high season, unlimited travel.

EpicRides offers a $149 season pass for the shoulder season, unlimited travel.

EpicRides is the #1 Recommended company by Vancouver and Whistler Locals.

EpicRides offers an on-time service.

EpicRides never cancels a departure due to road closure.

EpicRides offers most flexible cancellation and change policy.

Before EpicRides started, the average bus fare to Whistler was over $100.

EpicRides offers the most departure times from each city.

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What people say about us

Excellent service from Scott and Epic Rides. Fast, efficient, friendly and unreal value for money. Most other options were gonna be at least $100. Perfect pick up location downtown and straight to Whistler village. Highly recommended!

Conor L.

The ride with Scott and epic rides was great! The value was by far the best option we were able to find for getting to Whistler. The ride was punctual and we made great time getting to our destination. It was wonderful to be dropped off at the front door four hotel! Would use this again if returning to Whistler.

Amanda A.

Couldn't make my return trip on time, email Scott and the situation was easily resolved, no Greyhound politics here! Thanks Epic Rides and Scott :)

Jonny S.