$35 Round Trip, $24 One Way

Departing Vancouver or Whistler

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Vancouver Airport to Whistler

Epic Rides offers Private buses from Vancouver Airport to Whistler any time day or night. We have a fleet of buses ranging from 14 passenger to 60 passenger and we can accommodate almost any size of group. Our Vancouver airport to Whistler bus is so affordable we rent 24 passenger buses for the same cost as some of the scheduled service providers offer 6 seats. We have an array of trailers so if your group is coming with excessive luggage we can accommodate it hassle free. View our Private Bus to Whistler page for more information regarding pricing or email Charters@EpicRides.ca to get a quote.

Once your flight has departed to Vancouver we track you to ensure readiness whether it arrives early or late.



Vancouver Airport to Whistler – Scheduled Service from Downtown

Connecting from the airport to Burrard Station takes about 40 minutes. There are a variety of options, but taking the skytrain (subway) is quick, easy and reliable. This $8.00 trip will save you $100 or more per person and we go directly to Whistler in 2 hours without stopping. Some coaches take over 4 hours to get to Whistler from the airport as they stop at multiple destinations loading and unloading.


Take the Sky Train (Subway)

Hop on the sky train at Vancouver airport, it only goes one direction and will take you to downtown Vancouver. There are areas in the train which don’t have seats, it is easy to store luggage, skis, snowboards and bikes in these areas.

Burrard Station

Change trains at Waterfront station to the Expo line (this will be the only other train at this station and it is running in only one direction).

Go one stop on this train and you’re at Burrard Station.

Our pick up spot is on Melville Street, directly beside Burrard station, at the Hyatt. Stand near the door of the Hyatt on Melville Street and watch for our bus which will pull up within 30 metres of that door depending on how many other coaches are there at the time.

Take a Taxi

Taking a taxi from the Vancouver airport to our pick up location at Burrard station is quick and easy. Taxis from the airport have a set rate of $35 to downtown Vancouver. When you arrive at Burrard station the taxi driver will drop you off where we pick up passengers, if you don’t spot our bus immediately we will be there 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. We advise you to wait at the door of the Hyatt on Melville Street.