$299 Seasons Pass!

Vancouver to Whistler

Bus to Whistler Seasons Pass $299 (Winter and Summer)

The Epic Rides Seasons Pass gives unlimited access to our services for the winter or summer season! Our bus to Whistler Seasons Pass is cheaper and lasts longer than any of our competitors!

Online Reservations:

Season Pass holders must make an online reservation. Do not show up to our bus and tell the driver you have a Season Pass as the driver will not let you on. Reservation cut off time is 10 mins prior to departure.


$299 Season Pass – Winter or Summer

The Seasons Pass on our bus to Whistler gives you unlimited use of our services for the duration of the season, with no blackout periods or additional costs of any kind (unless you choose to tip the driver).

You do not need to be a skier, snowboarder or biker to purchase the Season Pass.

Seasons passes are strictly ineligible for full or partial refunds.

The Winter $299 Seasons Pass typically starts in mid to late November, and goes until mid to late April.

The $299 Summer Seasons Pass typically starts in mid to late May and goes until late September or early October.

The duration of each seasons pass is stated when the purchase is being made.

Shoulder Seasons Pass

During the shoulder seasons; mid April to mid May and early October to mid November we offer a Shoulder Seasons Pass for $149.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Season Passes are non-transferable, name changes or letting someone else use your pass is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate cancellation of the Season Pass with no refund.
  2. Season Pass holders who cancel their trip 24 hours before the originally scheduled departure time will not incur any penalty.
  3. Season Pass holders who cancel their trip 4 times within 24 hours of the scheduled departure date will be treated as if they did not show up for their trip.
  4. Pass holders that do not show up 4 times (a round trip counts as 2 no shows) will be subject to a $50.00 fee to reactivate the pass, a 1 week suspension, and all future bookings will be deleted.
  5. Season Pass holders who do not show up 5 or more times (a round trip counts as 2 no shows) will have their pass cancelled each time pending a reactivation fee of $25 + tax, as well as all future bookings being deleted.
  6. Season Passes are non refundable. No exceptions.
  7. Season Pass holders are not able to book themselves multiple times on the same date.
  8. Should an event such as a global pandemic force Epic Rides to shut down completely, seasons pass holders will have 2 options: A) To use the remaining days of the pass during another season; for example, if we shut down 1 month early a pass holder would be able to use their seasons pass for a full month anytime after we reopen. B) to have a credit with Epic Rides for the remainder of the cancelled days at a rate of $2 per cancelled day. Please note refunds will not be given.